9 April 2024

13 April 2024



Colin de Tonnac, passionate about watchmaking since childhood and a graduate of the Métiers d’Art, gave life to his own brand SEMPER & ADHUC. After perfecting his art at Patek Philippe SA, he realized his dream in 2016: to create sustainable and elegant watches, celebrating the intimate link between the object and its owner, all meticulously crafted in France.

Inspired by the Latin concept “Since always and until now”, the brand offers new watches with a perfectly restored old mechanism at their heart, thus offering them a second life. Each watch is much more than just a timepiece, it is a unique piece, a perfect marriage between the past and the present.

With a limited series production, the brand wishes to remain on a human scale, and preserves its control over quality, proximity, as well as its unique identity. SEMPER & ADHUC perpetuates an ancestral know-how, thus contributing to the watchmaking legacy. Committed to heritage, it highlights the conviction towards the complete restoration of watches out of use, while reducing its carbon footprint for a contribution to a reasoned consumption.

Information, programme and schedule

From 14.00 to 20.00



122 rue de l'abreuvoir
40210 Labouheyre


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