11 April 2024

14 April 2024


About XRBY

«XR» are the initials of Xavier Rousset. He is “a child of the watchmaking country” born in Besançon, grandson of the founder of the company of dials Fraporlux created in 1958.
Aware of the existence of a “Bridge of Arts” between the know-how in watchmaking mechanics and crafts located along the Jura Arc, from Geneva to Schaffhausen, from Bienne to Besançon, he is keen to apprehend this richness. He will therefore pursue his watchmaking culture on the other side of the border, in prestigious Swiss Maisons.
With a degree in micromechanical engineering in his pocket, he will be able to embark on the next stage of his journey to complete the project that has long been close to his heart: creating his own watch brand. “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” It is to another child of the country – Victor Hugo – that he borrows this formula, a sort of preface to the continuation of his story.
Perfume of childhood perhaps, but it is the dial that he intends to give a particular resonance. He sees it as a masterpiece of the artist who conceives and realizes it by mastering patience, meticulousness and technical skill. Xavier Rousset wants to pay tribute to these crafts, such as engraving, setting, enamelling and reaffirm their letters of nobility. Thus, the XRby concept was born.
Each chapter is presented in collaboration with an artist who expresses his know-how, the secrets of his profession and his craft techniques often transmitted from generation to generation, some of which dating back several centuries. The artist imagines, develops, manufactures his own creation, his own masterpiece.

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