SIWP (Swiss Independent Watchmakers Pavilion)

Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m (open to public)

The Epicenter of Global Institutions and the Horological Capital

Strategically, the SIWP has chosen the ‘Confederation Centre’ for its central location. Ideally situated on Geneva’s busiest street, amidst luxury boutiques and a stone’s throw from Lake Leman, independent watchmakers will engage both professional clientele and have direct contact with end consumers. Surrounded by other premier horological events, the venue provides locals and global visitors convenient access to the SIWP. Journalists from specialized press, industry professionals, private buyers, and enthusiasts—all know where to find us.

Every participating brand at the SIWP welcomes you with warmth and unveils stunning innovations. In contrast to other nearby events, SIWP uniquely offers high horology enthusiasts the opportunity to finalize their purchases on-site.


Whatever your interest in watches, it’s well worth a visit. From fantastical creations to more functional timekeepers, the world of independent watchmaking is a magical universe.

It will be the trip of a lifetime. And because independent watchmakers are past masters in handling time, they will devote every second of it to discussing and sharing with you their passion. They will take time to explain, in the tiniest detail, what makes their watches so incredible and special and invite you on a journey through a world they have painstakingly created.

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