Atelier Wen

9 April 2024

14 April 2024


About Atelier Wen

Translating directly to “culture workshop”, Atelier Wen combines the French word for workshop, Atelier, and the Chinese word for culture, Wen (文). The brand is the brainchild of two French Sinophiles with deep-seated ties to China, Robin Tallendier and Wilfried Buiron, who were brought together by their shared passions for Chinese culture, watches and a desire to create something novel and innovative, centred around Chinese watchmaking.

At Atelier Wen, we have made it our mission to celebrate and elevate the global perceptions of Chinese culture and craftsmanship. Through our partnerships with some of the finest artisans, artists, designers and watchmakers in all of China, we seek to push the boundaries of what Chinese watchmaking can be. In collaborating with these individuals, we aim to breathe life back into forgotten Chinese crafts, inspiring a new generation of undeniably-Chinese style and watchmaking artistry.

Our first two lines of watches; the discontinued Porcelain Odyssey series and the recent Perception line, both embody this spirit, with their thematic encapsulations of the very first Chinese watches ever produced, and Chinese architectural cues, respectively. Their incorporations of elements of traditional craft — in blue-and-white porcelain and hand-turned guilloché by China’s only master craftsman, Cheng Yucai — are a hallmark of the brand, and one that will feature harmoniously in every release to come.

Information, programme and schedule

For the the first time ever, our team will be exhibiting in Geneva from 9-16 April.

We’ll be sharing a large room with several other great independents, and will be unveiling the prototypes of a very special world-first there!

China’s sole guilloché master craftsman, Cheng Yucai, will also be there with his rose engine, turning dials live at the booth during his very first trip out of China! We look forward to seeing you there!

Salon Impératrice
The Beau-Rivage Hotel
13 Quai du Mont-Blanc,
1201 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 716 66 66

10am to 6pm daily from 9-14 April 2024.


Atelier Wen

Atelier Wen
21/F CMA Building
NA Central Hong Kong


Beau-Rivage Genève
Quai du Mont-Blanc
1201 Genève