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10 April 2024

14 April 2024



RALF TECH is a French brand founded in 1996. With its roots in professional scuba diving, it holds several world records. RALF TECH primarily supplies professional scuba divers, deep-sea divers and special forces operators in some fifteen countries, including Switzerland and France. The brand has been supplying selected watch retailers since 2012. In 2024, the brand is heading for space with the French National Space Agency. 


HEAD – Genève
Avenue de Châtelaine
1203 Genève

HEAD – Genève is an innovative art and design school nestled in the vibrant city of Geneva. With a focus on creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration, it cultivates diverse talents, pushing boundaries in the fields of art, design, and digital culture.


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Time to Watches

Time to Watches is an inclusive and relaxed event. As facilitators, we offer a wide range of services so that each brand can focus exclusively on its promotional and sales objectives. Time to Watches is a meeting and exchange oriented event that aims to create synergies between all participating watch brands and their guests.

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